College Hostel

Hostel Facilities :

To gratify the need of students, the institute authorities hove established a state of art hostel, equipped with all the modern electric 8 electronic gadgets i.e Room Coolers, Fans, Geyser, Television etc The food Is being cooked and served in most hygienic conditions in hostel mess. Indoor games are also being provided.



Students shall abide by rules and regulations, maintain decorum and behave orderly in the institute. Underlined acts are strictly prohibited in or around the institute/hostel premises.

  • The use of alcoholic beverages/drugs etc.
  • Gambling. •The possession of fire arms of any lethal weapon.
  • Political activities in institution/hostel campus.
  • Use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited in the institute/hostel campus. Use Is legal offence.

• It is compulsory to stay in the hostel during the training period and join the mess.

• Mess charges are to be paid by the 7th of the month failing which student will have to pay Rs. 20/- per day fine for the delayed period.

• The mess crockery is not allowed to be taken in the living rooms.

• Food will not be served in the living rooms except in case of sick students.

• Modern Dressing , Jewellary and hair styles will not be allowed Student  should  look sober and gentle.

• Cot & furniture will be  provided in the hostel. Students will have to bring their own bedding.

•  The sick student inform to the  head immediately .

• Cooking In the living m is strictly prohibited and no electrical appliances are Allowed.

• No student or inmate of the hotel is allowed to cook .

• Students are not allowed to keep any costly things/jewelry/cosh In their rooms and if kept, it will entirely their own responsibility. Authorities are not responsible e case of any loss or damage. to visit on following days to meet their wards;

• Visitors are allowed Saturday 1 PM to 4 PM Sunday 10 AM to 4 PM • Night stay of any guest is not allowed in the hostel.

• No visitor will be allowed to see students unless his/her specimen signatures & photograph have been provided to the institute duly counter signed by the father or guardian of the student.

• Visitor list once given on selection/admission along with photographs of the relatives will not be changed. All the problems concerning the hostel should be dealt with the inchorge.

• Students are responsible for the core for furniture and for cleanliness of their rooms.

• Every student should help for keeping the environment clean which includes, the common room, corridors, garden and the mess.

• Before leaving rooms, all students should check that all lights, fans and switches are switched off Do not waste electricity and water. • Boarders shall be allowed to go for shopping only with their parents or authorized guardians. • That the students will not consume any drug/chemical/acid etc. in the institute/hostel if they do, they will himself be fully responsible for any type of damage.

• Boarders shall not be allowed to leave the hostel (lone even to meet their local relatives. • Students should join the hostel/institute before 3 PM otherwise after 3 PM they will not be allowed to join the hostel/institute premises. • The students are not allowed to tamper with the electric connection in any way.

• Other rules and regulations will be notified through notice board.


(a) Written warning and information to guardian/parent.

(b) Fine will be charged as decided by the School disciplinary committee.

(c) Suspension / expulsion, from the deportment / hostel / library and the School.

(d) Debarring from examination, participation in sports.

(e) Recovery of pecuniary loss caused to the person so affected and the School property. (0 Informotion to law enforcing authority.


Honorable Civil Court, JAGATSINGHPUR (ODISHA) will only be the legal jurisdiction in case of any dispute or legal action.



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