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The largest group of workers in the health sector is those in the nursing occupation Nursing and Nursing assistants. The job of a nurse incorporates an extensive range of responsibilities related to the care of those who are sick and educating those The profession of nursing requires service with dedication, love, tender Care of sick, newborn, injured, convalescing mothers, old persons and at time mentally deranged. Most professional nurses serve as general duty nurses. The  and education imports knowledge and skills to work in hospitals, nursing un school industry and private medical clinics,

 Nursing education is regulated in India by The Indian Nursing Council (INC) an Autonomous Body under the Goverment of india Mistry of Health & Family Welfare was constituted by the Central Government da nursing school and colleges offered several nursing courses like ANM (Auxilary Nursing and Midwifery), Diploma in Nursing GNM (Geral Nursing and Midwifery For Bosh BSc Nursing (Regular and Correspondence), BSc Nursing (Bachelor of So Nursing), Post Basic Diploma in Nursing MSc Nursing Port Time and Full Time M Patin Nursing Menter of Philosophy Programme) Part Time and Full Time and Doctor P yn Nursing (PhO in Nursing) Part Time and Full Time NURSING A BRIGHT CAREER AHEAD

Nusing is  one of the most respected professions all over the world. So many job the nursing career in India and abroad also. Many countries are experiencing an acute shortage of qualified and experienced nurses. This is a golden opportunity for internally educated nurses.

 Did you know that by She year 2020, there will be an estimated worldwide shortage of 20 Million nurses in the field of healthcare? with the world population living longer and needing more core, the healthcare field is one of the best places to get a job, and will likely stay that way for many years to come. Hospital Nursing is just one of the many areas where nurses can practice. Examples of other practice settings include home care, private practice, public health, extended care centers, clinics, industrial complexes, residential schools, military services, corporations, health-related industries, occupational settings, and health & wellness centers.

What is ANM and Midwifery?

Auxiliary nurses, also known as health care assistants, working as an auxiliary nurse can be not only a rewarding career choice, but also a steppingstone to a position os a regis-tered nurse However, to get to that first job as on auxiliary nurse, there are some impor-tant steps you must take. Working alongside nurses, for example, they may sometimes be known as nursing auxil-;ones or auxiliary nurses. Healthcare assistants also work along side qualified midwives in maternity services. A midwife is a health professional and a medical core-giver who attends women through-t e pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period. A midwife is a Requisite qualifications to be registered and legally licensed to practice midwifery, person who has acquired h_regnaust be able to give the necessary supervision, care and advice to women during. IC Ober and the postpartum period, to conduct deliveries on her own respon. si-ood to ecue health units, domiciliary for the newborn and the infant. She may practice in hospitals, clinics, ciliary conditions or in any other service.

Amendments for Auxiliary Nurses and Midwives Syllabus and Regulation as per INC


The total duration of the course is 2 years (18 months + 6 months internship)

1st Year

  • Total weeks - 52 weeks
  • Vacation - 4 weeks
  • Gazetted holiday - 2 weeks
  • Preparatory holidays and examination - 3 weeks
  • Teaching hours in weeks - 43 weeks , Total teaching hours - 43 weeks x 40 hours/week = 1720 hrs

2nd Year

  • Total weeks - 52 weeks
  • Vacation - 4 weeks
  • Gazetted holiday - 2 weeks
  • Preparatory holidays and examination - 2 weeks
  • Teaching hours in weeks - 44 weeks , Total teaching hours - 44 weeks x 40 hours/week = 1760 hrs


a.) Age: The candidate should be 17 years to 30 years on the date of admission,

b.) Minimum Qualifications: Minimum Qualification shall be 10 +2 ( Arts/ Sc/ Corn) or its equivalent

c.)The admissions would be finalized by 31st August and the classes would commence by 1st September if otherwise not specified by INCJSNRC./ ODISHA Government.

d.) Residence Status: Preference will be given to the candidates who are residents of ODISHA

e.) Medical. The candidate should be medically fit.

f.) If at any stage, it is found that the candidate has supplied any false information in the admission form, then her candidature for the course shall be canceled


A candidate shall be eligible for appearing in the examination satisfying the following conditions:—

(i.) She has completed the course for at least 15 months.

(ii.) She has attended 80% of classes in theory, practical, and fieldwork. The overall performance of the student and her conduct during the entire academic year has been satisfactory.

(iii.) The student has passed the internal assessment in each subject i.e. both in the teaching and practical by securing 50% marks separately in each theory and practical.

Total Tuition Fee Admission & Registration Fee Development Fee Library Fee Uniform, Apron & Sari Fee Caution Money (refundable )
: Rs. 30,000e-:Rs. 1,000i-: Rs. 500/-: Rs. 500/. Rs 1500/-:Rs 1500/-

Total A.N.M. course fee per annum : Rs 35,000/_

Council Registration Fee, Examination Fee, Transportation Fee, Hostel & Mess Fee wil Be charged extra as per rule I decision of the managing committee of the Institute.


Payment of Fees is to be made either in cash or through book draft in favour of Zenesys Nursing School, payable at jagatsinghpur.

• Except for the security deposit, the Fees paid are not refundable.

• For text books, uniform, medical check up and travelling expenses a fixed amount would be charged at the time of admission, this amount is not included in the Fee Structure & thus would be charged separately.

• Fees and other charges if not paid by the specified date will incur a fine, as per rules. ‘

• A student failing in any council examination in two or more subjects and stays back in the school to continue studies of the year for which she is repeating shall be charged, for the additional period spent in the school and hostel as per rules.

• Note: If any candidate discontinues his/her course after one month, he/she will he to pay the full Fee to the institution.
• Registration Form & Prospectus:

The application form & prospectus con be obtair from the Institute counter by paying Rs200/- only & the some can be obtained by pa courier by paying Rs250/- in shape of bank draft in favour of Zenesys Nursing Scho payable at Jogatsinghpur.

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